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I left the BBC in 2001, with 33 years service and and an acknowledged expertise in lighting television drama. Since then I have worked on a wide variety of productions, none of which have involved acting.

There is one area, however, in which I have specialised during my time as a freelance and that is in lighting televised poker tournaments. In the past five years I have worked on tournaments for Octagon CSI, Matchroom Sport and Sunset & Vine. Currently, as of February 2009, I am lighting the European Open V for Matchroom and the European Poker Tour for Sunset & Vine. Venues visited in the past few months include Maidstone Studios, 3 Mills Studios, Prague, Barcelona and the Bahamas.

Throw in the World Cup of Pool from Rotterdam, indoor bowls from Norfolk and Sheffield and darts from Essex and you'll see that I have successfully made the transition from drama and light entertainment to niche sports.

Just for a change, I also re-lit The Gadget Show for Channel 5/North 1 Productions.


Maidstone, 2007

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