Photo Essays

I have been taking photographs since my teens. Although I used to do my own monochrome processing and printing, this was through poverty rather than a desire to manipulate my images; I never really felt the urge to get involved with the technical side of photography.

Now I have embraced the digital revolution with all the supposed advances that that entails. Near instant access to the results of my labours. A good thing? Only if I can resist the temptation to tinker with the image for hours on end in Photoshop - the worm has turned!.

Many of my photographs reflect my professional interest in the use of light and a selection of images where the illumination of the subject is paramount are shown on the pages below;

New York, 2008

Shadows in Tuscany
Sienna, Pisa and Lucca, February 2005

Images in Winter
Photographs taken in England and Italy during the winter of 2004/5
Images in Spring
Photographs taken in England during the spring of 2005
Some monochrome images taken in various places in Britain and France
Fladbury, Worcestershire
Images of the parish of Fladbury

Bredon Hill Post Boxes
A Journey around Bredon Hill in Worcestershire navigating by post boxes
North West Scotland & The Isle of Skye
Italian Market
Market day at San Casciano, Tuscany, February 2005

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